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Part III
After The Flood
 2017 - Present 
Mountain Athletic Club Vintage Base Ball 2017

Following a six-year hiatus due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Fleischmanns Park and the former home of the M.A.C. was partially restored to a grass field. However, any resemblance of the baseball diamond that once hosted major leaguers had vanished with the flood waters. 


In the Winter of 2016, former M.A.C. third-baseman, Collin Miller began efforts to revive the Club. With community and financial support secured, nineteenth-century base ball returned to Fleischmanns Park in the Spring of 2017 with a few contests held throughout the season. 

Federal disaster assistance funds enabled the Village to purchase a backstop, a pitcher's plate and home base. All were installed in the off-season of '17 by members of the community.

Fleischmanns M.A.C. Grounds restored
Mountain Athletic Club & Connecticut Bulldogs

On June 8, 2018 at Headwaters History Days, the M.A.C. officially re-opened a full season of vintage base ball at the M.A.C. Grounds with a win over the Connecticut Bulldogs - a throwback to the Yale College team of the 1880's.

To pay respects to the Club's founders and the famous men of the original M.A.C., a Wall of Fame and manual scoreboard was hand-painted by second basewoman, Chrissy "Showtime" Skubish and unveiled at Opening Day 2019.

Two weeks later, on June 8, 2019, the Fleischmann's Yeast Company celebrated their 150th Anniversary with the Founders' Day celebration at Fleischmanns Park where the M.A.C. hosted the Bovina Dairymen. The festivities drew nearly 1,000 people to the ball park and shined a spotlight on all the hard work by the community to bring Fleischmanns' history to life.

2019 Mountain Athletic Club Vintage Base
Baseball HOF Resolution Honoring Fleischmanns Founders Day

Baseball Hall of Fame Resolution

honoring Fleischmanns Founders Day June 8, 2019, The document was read aloud by Official MLB Historian John Thorn at a pregame reception. 

Later that Summer, the M.A.C. faced the Atlantic Base Ball Club in a double header at the Time & Valleys Museum in Grahamsville at the site of the Little World's Fair. The game was picked up by Northeast Public Radio and later ran as part of a New York State Museum podcast on the mythical origins of baseball.

Time & the Valleys Musuem_M.A.C. v Brook
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