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Mountain Athletic Club Vintage Base Ball

Continuing a Fleischmanns Tradition Since 1895


Continuing a summer tradition that began in 1895 on Wagner Avenue in present-day Fleischmanns, New York, the Mountain Athletic Club Vintage Base Ball project enhances community pride, preserves local culture, and connects generations through active participation and promotion of the National pastime played in the rules and customs of nineteenth century base ball.

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The Mountain Athletic Club Vintage Base Ball project will lead a revival of vintage base ball in Upstate New York that enhances place-based tourism and educates the public on the significance of base ball to Fleischmanns' local culture and history and that of other small towns. Drawing on its own rich history and well-established connections to other nineteenth century clubs, the M.A.C. will:

  • Produce historically-accurate and competitive nineteenth century base ball free of charge in the Village of Fleischmanns and other towns throughout the Catskills and the Northeastern U.S.

  • Encourage the growth and development of other nineteenth century base ball teams in the region

  • Work with local historical associations, tourism providers, local press and businesses to coordinate games in conjunction with special events and heritage tourism efforts

  • Raise awareness of the history of the National pastime in turn-of-the-century Fleischmanns and its connections to the Fleischmann family

  • Display through active play, how the rules and customs of nineteenth century base ball differ from baseball in the modern era

The M.A.C. is a proud member of the
Vintage Base Ball Association & the National Association of Historic Base Ball Clubs.

Early M.A.C. History 1895-1914

Resurrecting the M.A.C. 2007-2011

Continuing the Tradition 2017-

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